Survey conducted to improve student experience


National Survey of Student Engagement

Drew Jones

Kent State University is conducting an online survey from the National Survey of Student Engagement that will help improve the services and undergraduate education at Kent State.  

The NSSE acts as a student satisfaction survey, said Greg Jarvie, vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.  

“They just try to find out what the tenner of the campus is and what students are liking about the campus,” Jarvie said.   

“Things like residence halls, academic options, the environment of the campus, is it safe or not,” he said, “or even if there’s things that you don’t like, that would come out in the survey, too.”

The NSSE is a survey that is administrated to hundreds of colleges and universities each year. Kent State requested that the NSSE staff survey first-year and senior-year students, according to the NSSE help desk.  

The survey is designed to find out how much time students are spending on activities scholars recognize as educationally purposeful. NSSE results are then used to determine areas where resources are providing students with adequate support and where there may be a need for additional support. The purpose of this is to inform improvement initiatives on campus, according to NSSE.

As students get requested via email to complete a numerous amount of surveys throughout the year, some might not know the exact reason to fill them out. One of those students is freshman business undeclared major Jordan Watt.  

“I get random surveys sent to my email every once in a while, and I noticed this one said it would help out the university if I completed it,” Watt said. “I didn’t at first because I just thought it was just your normal random survey, but now that I know what it is, and I know that it will help Kent [State] out, I’ll do it.”

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