Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘Heathers’

Poster courtesy of Cinemarque Entertainment

Poster courtesy of Cinemarque Entertainment

Katherine Nix

Popular girls who think they are better than everyone else make the lives of those less popular than them miserable.

Sounds just like the plot of “Mean Girls,” or half of the population’s personal experience in high school.

“Heathers” is not your typical movie about a mean clique, though. The 1988 film revolves around four girls — three of whom are named Heather and one named Veronica. Veronica is asked to join the clique at the beginning of the film, but very quickly becomes fed up with the group’s behavior and wants to return to her old life and friends.

Things start to get complicated when newcomer J.D. helps Veronica get back at the clique leader. The pair accidentally kills her and then has to make it appear as a suicide.

After Veronica and J.D. kill two school bullies and, again, make it appear as a suicide, an epidemic of suicide attempts breaks out throughout the school. As things start to get even more out of control, J.D. reveals an even more sinister plot.

This movie is definitely worth the watch. It is completely different than other teen movies that came out in the 80s, with their feel-good messages and happy endings. The differences are what make it so great.

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