USG Candidates: Senator for the College of Education, Health and Human Services

Nick Sewell


Angela Cecys
Human Development/Family Studies major, Junior

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“I hope to gain a better understanding of how USG works and hope to be a liaison between the faculty of my college, the students and the programs available to everyone.”

What specific responsibilities will you have?

“I will be expected to attend meetings with the other USG members, and I will hope to meet with the Dean on a regular basis. I also would like to make sure programs are running efficiently and work to get funding from allocations to fund certain programs within our college that will benefit everyone.”

Why did you decide to run for this position?

“I have previously held the financial vice president position on my current organizations’ executive board (sorority Alpha Xi Delta) and have been involved in other groups on campus, and I thought it was time to take my leadership qualities to USG and see what I can learn and what I can come up with to bring to my college as the senator and to USG as a whole.”

What previous experience do you have with student leadership?

“As the previous financial VP of my current organization (Alpha Xi Delta), I have shown leadership by being a member of our executive board. I worked not only within my organization, but also with other organizations on campus and with our national chapter to enhance our financial situation. I also worked cohesively with other executive board members to keep chapter business and functioning under control. Also, I was a member of the Provost Leadership Academy my freshman year, which I was interviewed and selected to be apart of with around 50 other freshman students. This allowed me to meet with many high up faculty in the Kent State community and learn all about the different offices on campus and different ways to show my leadership abilities.”

Why do you think you will be the best candidate for this position?

“I believe, that with my past experiences and with my dedication to my fields of study and the environment of the College of Education, Health and Human Services, I will be a good fit to undergo the tasks which I will need to complete and to enhance the college’s overall functioning in regards to student success.”

Now that the College Democrats and Republicans and PRIDE! are not endorsing candidates, what do you plan to do for endorsements?

“If I decide to seek out endorsements, I have been a part of many different organizations or programs on campus that I can go to in order to receive support.”

Fotini Dimopoulos
Nutrition major, Freshman