Summer SLIS course includes trip to Denmark

Christopher Woods

Students can now apply for a summer course through the School of Library and Information Science, or SLIS, that includes a trip to Denmark to learn about children’s literature.

Marianne Martens, a SLIS professor who was born in Denmark, will teach the hybrid course. Half of the course will be completed online and the other half will be completed during the 12-day visit in Denmark from June 3 to June 15.

“The course is all about international children’s literature and librarianship so we’re going to read books from five different continents in preparation,” Martens said. “The point of reading about international children’s literature is to build bridges to other cultures, develop inner culture understanding.”

The program is open to all students, but graduate students and upper-division undergrads are favored.

“What we want to do with this course is look at the construct of childhood in both places and how that in turn shapes cultural production for children,” Martens said. “If you think of kids as being one way, then you treat them one way. We’re really going to look at Denmark as a case study.”

Martens said that the experience could be a great cultural experience for people who want to work with children in the future and are optimistic about gaining a different perspective of childhood.  

The application for the program is due Saturday and can be found online on the School of Library and Information Science website.

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