News on the go: Feb. 14, 2014

Matt Merchant

Facebook added several customizable gender identification options to the social media site on Thursday. Users can now choose from over 50 terms related to gender identification, as well as a choice between the pronouns him, her or them. Many users see the new options as a positive step toward greater recognition of the transgender rights movement. Read full story here.

The National Corvette Museum said Thursday that it plans to oversee restorations to the eight cars swallowed by a sinkhole on Wednesday. Mark Reuss, General Motor’s head of global product development, said the damaged vehicles rank as “some of the most significant in automotive history.” No one was hurt or injured during the sinkhole collapse.

Comcast, the nation’s No. 1 pay TV and Internet provider said Thursday that it’s $45.2 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable will provide faster and more reliable service for customers. Media and industry watchdogs say the deal will give Comcast too much power over the price of high-speed Internet connections. The deal poses an issue for federal regulators about the balance between improved cable service and control over the industry. Read full story here.

The men’s US Olympic ski team swept the ski slopestyle event Thursday, a first since 2002. Joss Christensen, the last men’s skier to be selected for team, dominated the event, posting three of the top four scores of the day for the event. Christensen’s teammates Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper took silver and bronze, with Christensen taking the gold medal.

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