Valentine’s day came early to the Nest

Julia Adkins

The Nest on the second floor of the Student Center was full of love Thursday. The Commuter and Off-Campus Services held a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating event for students.  Not only were students able to take home their decorated cookie, but they also earned 300 FLASHperks Points.

Rebecca Kapler, Coordinator of COSO, said this wasn’t the first time COSO did a cookie-decorating event for students, but that it was the first time for Valentine’s Day.  “We thought it would be fun to do something for students for Valentine’s Day,” Kapler said.  “We worked with Dining Services and they came up here and set it all up for us.”

From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., 70 students decorated 114 cookies.  Students could choose from three different types of heart cutouts and could decorate them with hot pink, light pink, purple, red and white icing. 

Among the students decorating, some of them were made for friends and significant others. Manami Okada, a freshman English as a second language major, came to the decorating with her friend Arisara Suwanchanchai, a freshman computer science major.  Both Okada and Suwanchanchai decorated cookies for each other. 

“I made my cookies for my friend, Manami and one for my boyfriend.  Tomorrow, my boyfriend and I are going out to dinner,” Suwanchanchai said. 

Okada, on the other hand, made her cookies for herself. “All these cookies are for me,” she said as she took another bite. 

Mark Styles, a freshman entrepreneurship major, was one of the first to decorate a cookie.  “I heard there were free cookies, so I wanted cookies and the FLASHperks points,” he said while devouring his colorfully iced cookie.

While decorating cookies sounded easy at first, many students learned the hard way that icing a cookie was not the easiest task.  Icing covered not only the cookies but also the tables and the students.

Shalie Winters, event staff for Kent Student Center Programming (KSCP) worked the cookie-decorating table. “Students really loved this event,” Winters said. 

By 3 p.m. all the cookies were gone and COSO had a successful Valentine’s Day event.  “I think a lot of people enjoyed it,” Kapler said with excitement.

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