Katherine’s Flick Pick: “Ghostbusters”

Poster Courtesy of Sony Picture Digital Inc.

Poster Courtesy of Sony Picture Digital Inc.

Katherine Nix

With the passing of comedian Harold Ramis, who wrote and starred in the film “Ghostbusters” as Egon Spengler, a science-addicted, awkward member of the team, this movie feels appropriate to feature.

It focuses around four friends — Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson — who start out having a simple interest in paranormal activity, but the hobby soon turns into an occupation. They have a run-in with a ghost and realize that there might be more dangerous ones in the city, so they open a ghost hunting business called Ghostbusters and capture hundreds of ghosts along the way.

Things start to get freaky when a woman says her apartment is being haunted by Zuul the Gatekeeper. He possesses her and another demon possesses her neighbor, calling himself the Keymaster. Combined, the two would bring about Gozer, a destructive monster who would end of all of humanity.

It’s up to the friends to figure out how to stop Gozer from destroying the world as well as hundreds of other ghosts that have been released in New York City.

This movie manages to be absolutely ridiculous in plot but is still funny — making it worth the watch 20 years after its movie debut.

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