Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘The Parent Trap’

Poster courtesy of Disney

Poster courtesy of Disney

Katherine Nix

I personally never went to summer camp, but this movie always made me want to because of all the cool stuff these kids get to do. They swim in a lake, go canoeing, play basketball, get into intense prank wars and play really serious games of five-card draw.

Plus there’s always the chance that I could meet my long-lost twin and switch places with them like in this movie. It didn’t matter how many times my parents tried to convince me otherwise and how unlikely I knew it really was. I was hell-bent that I would go to camp, find my twin and cause all kinds of mayhem, just like the two girls in The Parent Trap.

Eventually, I grew up and let go of that dream.

In addition to the desirable plot, you have to appreciate pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan in her film debut playing the role of both twins, Hallie and Annie.

The cast also includes Dennis Quaid as the paternal American vineyard owner in Northern California and the late Natasha Richardson as the motherly British wedding dress designer. Then there’s the lovable butler, a must for all movies with rich kids.

This will remain a classic no matter what age you are when you watch it.

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