BSR Beats: Week 5

Justin Graci


“Your Deep Rest” — The Hotelier

I have a hard time talking about this band because I just can’t find the right word that says how good they actually are. This song has some of the saddest and most personal lyrics on the album, but is also one of the best. The Hotelier (Formerly: The Hotel Year, I’m still upset about the name change) will be the kings of this whole “Emo Revival” after this album is released. I’ll be surprised if I hear an album better than this one by the end of the year.


“Silhouette” — Seahaven

It’s pretty rare that a song blows me away as much as this one did on my first listen. A completely different style for this band that seems to be exactly what they needed for their new album, which I can’t wait for at all.


“Match and Tinder” — You Blew It!

I listened to this album 10 times before I decided if I liked it or didn’t like it at all, but now I absolutely love it. This album is about getting over heartbreak, finding confidence and realizing things aren’t as bad as they seem, which is a theme I think a lot of people can relate too.


“Your Graduation” — Modern Baseball

This is another band that I just couldn’t seem to figure out for the longest time. Their new album has me sold though, especially this song. If you like your music quirky, awkward and with some pretty personal lyrics, this album is for you.

“Man of the Year” — Schoolboy Q

This song makes me want to do exactly what Schoolboy is doing in the music video, hangout in a tropical paradise surrounded by insanely attractive girls.

“Black Me Out” — Against Me!

Laura Jane Grace and the rest of Against Me!, have had a very strange past couple of years since Grace announced her transformation. This album is very important and is the band at their absolute best. This song is a big middle finger to someone, a definitive anthem and absolute jam.

“Can’t Shake The Feeling” — Diamond Youth

This band has an overall feel of a summer, surf, beach rock band but their music makes me feel so weird and works so well in the winter that it doesn’t make sense. The music video for this song is also the weirdest ever.

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