Zac’s Flick Pick: ‘Riki-Oh’

Image Courtesy of Diagnol Pictures

Image Courtesy of Diagnol Pictures

Zac Younkins

Netflix is the home of many bizarre films that are so low-budgeted and campy they’ve become sought-after diamonds in the rough. Of the truly great ones you’ve probably seen, such as “Return of the Killer Tomatoes” and “Evil Dead 2,” there are an equal amount of hilarious b-films so low budget and unintentionally hilarious, they’re all but lost within the vast list of instant-queue options.

The ultimate in said low-budget, campy entertainment is the 1991 Chinese martial arts gore film “Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.” Apparently based on a Japanese comic, “Riki-Oh” tells, or attempts to tell, the story of a martial arts master imprisoned for killing a crime lord, though you might not pick up on that over the inevitable laughter triggered by the goofy English dub.

How “Riki-Oh” ever got released as a serious attempt at an action film may baffle you, but because of its over-the-top effects and excessive gore, it’s become a cult classic. You’ll see the titular character punch holes through obese enemies, pull a nail out of his clearly rubber hand, escape being choked by his enemy’s intestines, punch through a man’s jaw and many more mind-blowing incidents. Whether you and your hipster friends watch it for the irony or the true enjoyment of bloody, violent Chinese action films, you won’t be disappointed!

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