Phishing scam targets KSU Flashline


Screenshot Courtesy of Flashline

Elizabeth Randolph

A fake mass email was sent to students, faculty and staff Friday via Flashline that ended up being a scam that captured users’ credentials.

The email said that Kent State’s email system was being upgraded and included links to log in to the email system. The remote site used imagery and links that were similar to Kent State’s, making it easy for students to think it was safe to use their emails.

Jason Wearley, executive director of information technology at Kent State, said that one student’s call to tech support helped the school discover the scam.

“Once the student noticed their credentials were on the fake site, they immediately called their tech support,” Wearley said. “Tech support then contacted IT security about the problem.”

Wearley says more students need to learn to protect themselves from these scams. He is developing a site to inform students and faculty of Kent State, called [email protected].

“Phishing scams are widespread throughout the country,” Wearley said.  “With this site, we will raise security awareness and teach people how to look for e-commerce and web commerce tactics.

While the recent phishing scam at Kent State appears to be resolved, Wearley said issues like this can happen again,  Students and faculty members of Kent State need to look for certain problems that will prevent them from facing this issue again.

“Instead of clicking on links in an email, go directly to the website, Wearley said, “If you suspect that something is wrong with your email, always report it to your IT support group. Those who were affected by the scam should also change their email addresses on personal sites, so the issue does not hurt their personal lives.”

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