Give the man his award

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Zac Younkins

Not sure what Snoop Dogg’s hit “Drop It Like Its Hot,” “Despicable Me 2,” Wrex-N-Effect’s “Rumpshaker,” “Blurred Lines,” “Get Lucky,” and Gwen Stefani’s iconic “Hollaback Girl” have in common? That would be Pharrell Williams. He’s worked on tracks this year that have been nominated for seven Grammys and an Academy Award.

Pharrell’s pop/soul song “Happy” is nominated for Best Original Song this year, up against U2’s critic favorite, “Ordinary Love,” “Alone Yet Not Alone,” “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen,” and “The Moon Song” from Her.

Pharrell broke ground in November with his video for “Happy,” the first ever 24-hour music video. The all-day jam featured different people from all walks of life dancing to the song in different settings. The video featured cameos from big names such as Magic Johnson, Odd Future, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Carell and Jamie Foxx.

The song’s catchy, feel-good lyrics and matching grooves make it easy to sit through large portions of the video, which can be found on YouTube separated by hour. Many news sites and blogs even give a play-by-play so you can skip around to the parts you want to see.

Pharrell is a great artist not only because he produced countless songs that got our generation through middle school and high school, but he also redefines what a hip-hop artist should be. He’s writing film soundtracks, performing pop, rap and soul music.

He has the stage presence and creativity that make him a modern Michael Jackson, but I really have a soft spot for the guy’s music because it makes you happy.

All the singles he touched this year (“Blurred Lines,” “Get Lucky,” “Happy”) turned to gold and got stuck in my head for far too long. I’m even forgiving him for his extensive work on Miley Cyrus’ horrific “Bangerz”; I mean, he more than redeemed himself, – how could you not love “Despicable Me 2?”

Aside from his movie soundtrack, Pharrell signed a deal with Columbia Records to record a new studio album some time this year, featuring none other than the single “Happy”. This unfathomably busy man is a legend and deserves this Academy Award.