Guest column: high outlook for president-elect Warren

Monique Menefee

I’m so happy to see that Dr. Beverly J. Warren was the choice for president here at Kent State. During my brief conversations with her, I found her to be very knowledgeable about Kent State as a whole. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious — perhaps that energy will spread like wildfire throughout the university. As I was reading about her accomplishments, I was impressed that such a successful person was also very approachable and warm. After all, Kent State is an institution on the move toward bigger and greater accomplishments, and having a leader who cares for the people will have such a powerful effect on relations university-wide.

Dr. Warren is also a passionate visionary, and Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It’s important to understand that vision is key when motivating and inspiring others for greater things. As I watched Dr. Warren interact with various university constituencies and students, I saw innovation, leadership and vision but most importantly inspiration. There is no better time than the present to catapult Kent State into the next level and beyond. In my opinion, President-Elect Warren is just the person to make that happen.

As the graduate student trustee, I am looking forward to future interactions, collaborative efforts and innovative advances which will make Kent State the Ohio public university of choice for students nationwide and even abroad. Dr. Warren is unique in that she develops a rapport with everyone she meets and interacts with. I don’t believe that if you have an opportunity to converse with her, you would feel like a stranger.

I personally eagerly am waiting to see the future of Kent State under her leadership. For me, leadership is more than an appointment or status — it’s the ability to motivate and inspire others to do and be the best they can be. Leadership is reaching inside others to produce shining stars. We are fortunate to have her as our leader and newly elected president because we have a winner in President-Elect Dr. Beverly J. Warren.

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