BSR Beats: Week 1

Rachel Campbell


“Where I Left You” by Man Overboard (“Heart Attack”)

This track reminds me of summer – a necessity when you live in Northeast Ohio and there’s winter-esque weather nine months out of the year – because the album it’s part of didn’t leave my car for those warm months. Despite the video featuring the band belting it out on a rooftop in parkas, its upbeat tune is bound to send some warmth your way too.


“I’m So Pathetic” by The Dangerous Summer (“Golden Record”)

This Maryland-based band played in the Rathskeller for free my freshman year, back when shows were a regular occurrence down there, and now they’re touring with the likes of Cute Is What We Aim For. Joining the big(ger) leagues changed their sound for the better, and their latest effort, “Golden Record,” joins the ranks of my favorite albums thanks to tracks such as this one.


“Pick Up the Phone” by William Beckett (“Genuine & Counterfeit”)

William Beckett, former frontman for the pop-rock outfit The Academy Is…, put out three EPs in 2012, and has now finally released a full-length under his new and only current project. “Genuine & Counterfeit” is a lot different from anything The Academy Is… put out and even differs from his past three EPs now that Beckett is backed by a full band on the recordings. While many of the tracks are calm and collected, the opener, “Pick Up the Phone,” is definitely the stand out track with its faster pace.


“Anklebiters” by Paramore (“Paramore”)

Paramore have become radio darlings as of late with hits like “Still Into You” and “Ain’t It Fun” rising on the charts and therefore making their self-titled effort one of the best yet by those standards. However, the whole album is worth your time, especially the short and sweet track, “Anklebiters.”

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