BSR Beats: Week 3

Eric Soros


Of Mice and Men – “You’re Not Alone”

Of Mice and Men are back with a new album, through which they’re reinventing their sound. Gone are the crabcore breakdowns and cheesy metalcore hooks, replaced with simple riffs and a sound more influenced by Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin than anything else. This song, being their first single, has modernrock radio written all over it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this album reaches far past the metalcore scene.


City Lights – “Cold and Grey”

“I just wanted to let you know / Just how beautiful you are on the outside / ‘Cause inside you’re cold and grey / Like Ohio in February” might be the best lyrics I’ve ever heard and are the sole reason why I choose this song. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not want to scream it at the top of your lungs. 


Reflections – “Vain Words From Empty Minds”

These guys take heavy music to a new level. No more melody, no more harmonizing, just terrifying riff upon terrifying riff with some dissonant solos thrown in for good measure. While it may not be apparent on the first listen, these guys do indeed shred. 


My Ticket Home – “Hot Soap”

‘90s influences are all the rage in today’s scene with “Hot Soap” being a prime example of how a band can do it right. The production is raw, the riffs are gritty, and the drums are stripped down, with influences ranging from Limp Bizkit to Refused. 

Tides Of Man – “Young and Courageous”

After losing their lead singer Tilian Pearson to Dance Gavin Dance, Tides Of Man have drastically changed their sound. This time around, they are showcasing an instrumental post-rock sound instead of trying to find someone to replace the unusual vocal style of their old singer. Despite being fully instrumental, this song never gets boring and manages to keep the listener’s attention for the entire five minutes. 

Playlist by Web and Tech Director Eric Soros.

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