Letter to the Editor: January 17, 2014

John Thomas

In your informative Jan. 13 article on the “LeftonGroup to Offer Higher-Education Counseling,” current university policy is cited, quite rightly, on university employees taking outside jobs while working full-time for Kent State. Part of the origins of this policy might have come from a scandal that rocked Kent State’s School of Business to its figurative foundation in the early to late 1970’s, the “Bermudez” affair, and cost the school its accreditation for some time.

Isn’t one job enough? Isn’t paying presidents and subordinate administrators a quarter-million to more than half-a-million dollar salaries for public employment enough? This from a university administration that tells low- and middle-income students they want to make college affordable?

John Thomas is a Kent state graduate of the class of 1977 with degrees in history and education.