Katherine’s Flick Pick: ‘Beauty and the Beast’


Image Courtesy of Disney

Katherine Nix

I am a complete Disney maniac. I know all of the classics by heart, and this animated movie started it all.

Growing up, I wasn’t threatened with groundings or my parents withholding dessert. Those threats didn’t hold any ground with me. However, if I was threatened with losing “Beauty and the Beast,” all bets were off, and I knew I was seriously in trouble.

I’m sure you know the story. Girl is held prisoner by a prince-turned-beast in an enchanted castle filled with living and breathing household objects. Sounds terrible, but it’s not. They sing, they dance, they have a merry time. It’s magical. This movie has everything; what’s not to love?

This movie is a staple to any ’90s childhood, and if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out. If you have seen it, I’m telling you to go watch it again. I know you haven’t seen it in a while, and “Be our guest,” is totally playing in your head right now, or it is because I said that. Indulge in your inner child and pull out this Disney movie. 

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