Cyberstalking victim to share her story Thursday

Taylor Williams

After five years of being cyberstalked, junior communication major Allyssa Griffiths will be speaking to Kent State students Thursday about using social media in a safe way.

Griffiths is a junior communications major who wants to share her story and believes “there should be further education about social media.”

During the event, she will share her story about choices that led to five years of cyberstalking and impersonation to teach students about the consequences of not protecting themselves online.

“Small things like monitoring friend requests, filtering what you post and the amount of information you disclose on the Internet are all things students should be aware of,” Griffiths said.

She said while she is in no way a professional speaker or social media expert, she hopes students can relate to her and take something away from her story.

In high school, Griffiths said she was uneducated about social media and was very naïve, but now she considers what she is saying before she posts it and hopes other students will do the same.

Griffiths will speak in Room 200 of the Business Administration Building at 7 p.m.

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