Dance ensemble presents “This Time”

Marcus Donaldson

The School of Theatre and Dance sparked dialogue following its faculty dance concert Dance ’13 This Time, held in E. Turner Stump Theatre Friday. The concert was a continued celebration of the school’s 100-year anniversary.

Vondrea Hughes, hospitality management major, said she thought “everybody could interpret each performance differently.”

“I think that the one about the Boston bombings stood out to a lot of people, just because … it was based on a recent event,” Hughes said.

Time/Bomb was a piece choreographed by Kimberly Karpanty, an associate professor in the School of Theatre and Dance, in collaboration with the performers. It was dedicated to the victims of a host of recent tragedies, including the Boston bombing, the Newtown Elementary School shooting and the three women imprisoned by Ariel Castro in Cleveland, according to the program.

Many of the performances sparked conversation, and some of the night’s were more lighthearted in nature. Java Jive, Java Jitter, choreographed by This Time’s artistic director, Andrea Shearer, and two-time Kent State graduate Danielle Stevens, used dance to illustrate coffee trimmings.

“It was interesting to see how they took different things and made it into a dance,” Hughes said. “Especially about the coffee. That was cool. Seeing them dance about coffee, the jitters and stuff like that you get, and the attitudes when people take all day in the line.”

Ethan Elias, a freshman biology major, said he had a lot to think about after the show.

“Some of it probably went over my head,” Elias said, “but it was very interesting and highly symbolic.”

In addition to encouraging dialogue about the arts, the School of Theatre and Dance continued its celebration of 100 years at Kent State University.

Rhianna Cornelius, a freshman anthropology major, said the show was a “wonderful celebration of 100 years here at Kent.”

“It’s a great way of bringing together the past 100 years, and it’s giving us a bright new outlook for the future,” Cornelius said.

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