The Fashion School invites potential students for Shadow Day

Samantha Tuly

Applying for college can be filled with stress and questions, which is why the Fashion School at Kent State hosts events like Shadow Day throughout the year.

On various dates during each semester, the Fashion School invites 16 potential fashion students, eight students interested in the fashion design program and eight students interested in the fashion-merchandising program, to participate in Shadow Day.

Academic advisors Millie Therrien and Laura Wilhelm outlined information about the Fashion School to a room full of high school students and their parents on Nov. 20.

The presentation described the degrees offered by the Fashion School, curriculum each student must adhere to, school-supported study abroad programs, scholarships and a number of other topics high school students and parents address when searching for colleges.

“They get a ton of information from us in terms of what the school offers,” Therrien said.

Students who participate in Shadow Day have an advantage students attending other informational events hosted by the schools do not.

“Shadow Day is really valuable because it gives students the opportunity to see what college level class is like here within our program,” Therrien said.

After hearing from the academic advisors, students at each Shadow Day independently tour the Kent State University Museum, visit the Fashion School Store and sit in on upper division fashion courses.

“(Shadow Day) gives them a chance to get a closer look as to what the school is really like here at Kent,” Wilhelm said. “Sometimes it’s an actual shock.”

Other informational events are offered through the Fashion School for students who do not make the 16-person cut-off for Shadow Day. Prospective Day offers the same informational presentation and independent touring of campus but excludes the opportunity to visit in-session classes.

The Fashion School will continue to host informational events through the fall semester and again in the spring. Interested parties can register for the next available Prospective Day on Dec. 20.

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