USG Presents Comedy Show for Students

Danielle Hes

Wyatt Cenac, a comedian from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, performed his comedy routine to an excited crowd in Cartwright Hall Thursday evening.

The comedy show, presented by Undergraduate Student Government Programming, was open to the public. KSU students paid $10 for admission, and non-students paid $20.

Bill Squire was the opening act and made the crowd laugh with jokes about topics ranging from moving books to raising three girls to dealing with problems without burning things.

“I don’t like bees, but I’m not going to try to eradicate them from the earth,” Squire said. “You can’t burn everything you don’t like.”

Cenac started his stand-up performance by slamming the Kardashian family. Early in the slam, he expressed his dislike for Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

“She had sex like a person who just read a book on how to have sex, but just skimmed through it,” Cenac said.

Cenac’s other jokes hit a wide variety of topics, from arrogant babies on the subway to awkward cab drivers, to vegans and vegetarians.

“This baby worked her way down the train, and made people make stupid faces at her,” Cenac said.

Cenac followed up the baby joke with a clever pun referring to Kanye West’s song “Power:” “No one baby should have all that power.”

Cenac really got the crowd going when he started talking about how vegans are hard to deal with.

“Vegans are rough, but vegetarians are cool,” Cenac said. “Vegetarians are always three drinks away from eating a cheeseburger.”

Mitch Oehlenschlager, junior accounting major, said he went to the show because he enjoys watching Cenac on the Daily Show.

“He was a riot,” Oehlenschlager said. “The way he started out his bit with Kardashian jokes was absolutely hilarious.”

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