Fraternity was suspended for history of paddling, caning and mental torment

Kelsey Husnick

Kent State released records stating the Gamma Tau Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, suspended from participation in Greek life and as a student organization Oct. 7, was charged with “circumstantial evidence” of hazing over a period of six years, according to a Sept. 20 letter from the investigation sub-committee to Timeka Rashid, associate dean of students and director of the Center for Student Involvement.

These allegations included, “hazing through physical violence (paddling/caning) and mental anguish (unsanctioned and inappropriate activities including running errands),” according to the letter.

The investigation fraternity’s committee reviewed the Kappa’s files, which included hazing allegations in Oct. 2008, April 2010 and March 2011, as well as infractions for pre-pledging and an event incident. The fraternity was previously suspended and put on probation twice.

Due to all of these factors, the committee said in the letter, “Over the last several years, the Kappas have been investigated, sanctioned, and given numerous opportunities to seek out resources that could improve their standing as an organization. Unfortunately, the Kappas have either not sought out assistance and/or they have not taken advantage of advisement and continue to abandon expectations.”

University spokesman Eric Mansfield said, “This was a pattern of behavior that lead to the culmination and their ultimate suspension.”

The committee recommended a two year suspension, but Rashid added a third year because of the number of previous charges combined with the new allegations, she said in the formal suspension letter to Ade Adesanya, Kappa Alpha Psi President.

To become an active organization at Kent State after the suspension period ending May 30, 2016, Kappa Alpha Psi will have to submit a new member education plan to the Director of Greek Affairs, create a program addressing the dangers of hazing and attend a Risk Management workshop, according to the suspension letter.

Adesanya could not be reached for comment on the suspension.

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