Opinion: New management and ideas put into local coffee shop

Megan L. Brown

Megan L. Brown

Megan L. Brown is a junior magazine journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

Scribbles Coffee Co. in downtown Kent has not only been a provider of coffee and treats for the past eight years but also a comfortable atmosphere full of books, events and great people.

Scribbles was the only coffee shop I stopped in when I first visited Kent in 2010. There was something about this unique little shop I found so intriguing—it was so homey inside. It’s a great place to sit down and chat with friends over a cup of coffee or even to take your homework to and enjoy some hot tea.

Other coffee shops such as Starbucks and Tree City Coffee have been in competition with Scribbles and now with the upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts in Kent, there will be even more. But the loyal customers, such as myself, keep small businesses like Scribbles alive.

Scribbles is a 100 percent independent shop and buy their coffee from the fair-trade company, La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie in honor of the fair trade movement.

A pleasing attribute of Scribbles is the events that take place there. They provide local authors with book signings, poetry readings and open mic nights free to the public. They recently had musicians perform during Kent State’s ‘Round Town Music Festival.’

Just last month, the Wilson family, original owners of Scribbles, announced they were transferring the ownership to two of their employees, Jenn Richards and Beth Budzar. They realized the shop needed some refocusing, and the new owners would be the ones to do that. The Wilsons bought a farm in Kentucky to start a new adventure in their lives.

What the Wilson family started eight years ago in Kent really helped bring the local scene together. They believed in their family-owned business, and it still thrives as the fair trade coffee shop and used bookstore we know of today.

I’ve known local coffee shops from my own hometown that were not as lucky as Scribbles and ended up closing and, sadly, never reopened. It’s incredibly sad to see a place that has so much hard work and love put into in be closed down, so that’s why I’m overjoyed Scribbles was taken over to keep the business alive.

That’s what is great about the city of Kent: it has its older and sagely businesses and also the new and thriving ones. Everyone has their favorite coffee shop, clothing store, bar or restaurant, and here in Kent everyone has a variety of choices to choose from.

The new ownership has been greater than ever. The shop still has the same comfortable atmosphere along with an array of drinks and treats. I believe the slight changes are good for the business and the downtown community. I do occasionally enjoy a drink from Starbucks, but Scribbles is where I go when I want to put my feet up and relax with a delicious cup of coffee.