Fraternity members bond with alumni over Homecoming weekend

Rachel Purget

Greek fraternities host alumni and follow tradition with their annual Homecoming events this weekend.

Delta Upsilon continues its tradition started in 1999 on Saturday, Oct. 5, by running the game ball from the rock on front campus to Dix Stadium at 1:30 p.m.

Donna Carlton, special coordinator for enrollment and student affairs and campus advisor for Delta Upsilon, said even though it’s an annual thing, the route brothers take from the rock to the stadium is not predetermined and has varied from year to year. About 20 to 30 alumni, active and potential members will join together to make sure the game football makes it to the stadium on time.

The run is a philanthropic event for Delta Upsilon, and the money raised benefits the Delta Upsilon Dylan Fitzgerald Carlton Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to one Kent State student who is chosen from a committee made up of members, alumni and Carlton.

Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Epsilon Pi will hold events for returning alumni, with meet and greets starting early Saturday.

Alpha Tau Omega has the distinction of celebrating its 60- and 25-year anniversaries.

Graham Schwesinger, senior business management major and president of Alpha Tau Omega, said, “We were originally set up in 1953, but were re-chartered in 1988, so it’s a kind of a big deal to have everybody back for this milestone.”

Active members and alumni will watch the parade together and will be able to watch the Kent State football game together and have dinner later in the evening at Buffalo Wild Wings downtown.

The fraternity expects at least 50 alumni to arrive in Kent Saturday.

Alpha Epsilon Pi is having similar activities set up for former members returning to the fraternity house starting at 8 a.m. Saturday.

“It’s kind of cool meeting people that have been in your spot before,” said Jonathan Cohen, senior business management major and president of Alpha Epsilon Pi. “You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen their picture on the wall, but you’ve never met them before.”

Cohen said they were expecting a bigger turnout this year than for previous Homecomings, with more than 30 expected alumni visiting the chapter.

“Usually with alumni we get about 5 to 10, so us getting 30 plus alumni is a pretty big deal for us,” he said.

Fraternity members and alumni of all fraternities will have the opportunity to meet and make connections before the football game.

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