Laurie to make musical “House” call to diverse crowd at The Kent Stage

Marcus Donaldson

Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band will perform for a sold-out crowd on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 8 p.m. at The Kent Stage, bringing in people from 12 states, said the owner of The Kent Stage, Tom Simpson.

Laurie, most noted for his role as a doctor in the television series House, M.D., is currently on a world tour with The Copper Bottom Band, playing New Orleans-style blues tunes. Laurie will be featured on vocals and piano, and accompanied by Kevin Breit on guitars, Vincent Henry on horns, Jean McClain on backing vocals, David Piltch on bass, Jay Bellerose on drums and Patrick Warren on keyboard and accordion.

Well-established performers draw audiences from a variety of locales, bringing revenue to the city. Tickets were sold out in less than a day, but Kent residents only account for 56 of the 642 tickets sold, Simpson said.

“Eight percent of our market is from Kent, Ohio,” Simpson said. “The other 92 percent are people that come into Kent.”

“I feel like we are helping to bring people in and kind of help with recognition and help with economic development, as far as people supporting a lot of the downtown businesses,” Kent Stage employee Richele Charlton said.

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