Alumni Association brings back Alumni Awards Program

Alex Lomicka

This year, the Alumni Association will be organizing its first Alumni Awards Program in almost a decade. The series of awards, designed to honor members of the Kent State community, will feature an outstanding student award for the first time.

The program consists of nine awards, three of which are for chapter or area representatives. The other six are given to individuals.

“To a lot of our alumni, this is a new program; it’s been so many years since the last one was given,” said Joy Foreman, a coordinator for the Alumni Association. “We really want to celebrate alumni who have had good, professional success, strong community service efforts and positive advocates for the university.”

Forman said the Association is asking students to nominate someone who has been a mentor to them. For one of the awards, The Distinguished Citizen’s Award, they are looking for a community leader.

“We’re not asking them to nominate professors, just someone who made an impact on the career path they chose, just alumni,” Foreman said. “For example, a speaker in class that really impacted them.”

Forman said another new award for a younger prospective is the Outstanding New Professional Award. This is an award for an alumus who has graduated within the last five years and is already excelling in their field.

Carrie Circosta, a coordinator for the Alumni Association, said it is the Alumni Association’s job to instill pride in the Kent community, and the sooner they can recognize someone for their efforts the better.

Circosta said one of the reasons the Alumni Association decided to recognize a student is because they want students to have a better idea of what the Alumni Association does.

“It helps to get them involved as soon as possible, so when they graduate, they know who we are,” Circosta said. “We have student organizations out of the office, we do events, and give out awards too.”

Circosta and Foreman both say the award is about much more than just going to all the football games.

“While that’s great and it’s important,” Foreman said. “It’s more about being an advocate for the university and presenting it in a positive light.”

Nomination applications will be accepted until December 31. The nominations can be filled out online and the winners will be announced at Homecoming 2014. To submit nominations please go to

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