Student business hopes to bring safety to Kent

Hilary Crisan, Sean Barie

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Video by Sean Barie.

Students who have difficulty finding a designated driver after a night out can now depend on an upcoming student business to safely get home.

Speedy DD, a designated driving service, was conceived by sole proprietor Gary Enos, senior psychology major and philosophy minor, while he was a member of the Kent State Students for Sensible Drug Policy organization.

SSDP is a student organization dedicated to discussing the implications of not only drug abuse but the war on drugs, according to the organization’s website.

“I was especially interested in the harm-reduction aspect of [SSDP], which is essentially taking the potential harms away from certain intoxicants,” Enos said. “Alcohol obviously has one, which is drinking and driving.”

Enos said the goal of Speedy DD is to reduce the amount of driving under intoxication charges and car accidents caused by drunk driving.

“I wanted to think about a way that I could have a business in Kent that would be doing something that mattered, had a real effect and would be providing a service,” Enos said.

The concept of Speedy DD is to drive the customer, and his or her car, to a requested location for a starting fee of $25, after the customer signs a waiver to ensure that it is his or her vehicle and the vehicle is insured, Enos said.

The service extends throughout the city of Kent, and focuses on the downtown area. A surcharge will be applied if the customer needs to go to a location outside of Kent, such as Stow or Ravenna.

Speedy DD will tentatively run from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m.

“It covers last call and then some,” Enos said. “It’s the key time for people who are leaving their drinking situation.”

Enos said the business will also provide an errand service, which will allow customers to call Speedy DD and have items delivered to their homes.

“We plan to also alleviate students and other residents from having to drive to go obtain any item, be it food, more beer, pong balls, cups, napkins or whatever,” Enos said.

“It’s another service we’re going to add because it will subtract from the number of drunk drivers on the road. It will cut down on DUIs, and it will save students a lot of stress.”

Junior communications studies major Jennifer Moffet feels that the driving service will be helpful for everyone in the community; however, Moffet does think it raises some concerns.

“I think it’s a really good idea for a service to drive you home. It encourages the community to think before drinking and driving,” Moffet said. “But I hope the errand service does not encourage underage drinking among the students.”

Junior bio-medical major Ron Fields feels the new business will take time to trust but is effective.

“It’s a good idea, but it’s an unknown business, so I would be a little shaky on using it,” Fields said. “It’s not like a [Go 2Go Taxi] or anything else that’s big around here, but I would try it.”

Sophomore business major Robert Janezic feels the same as Fields about the business’ unknown identity.

“I would be weary of it at first,” Janezic said. “But I would have to try it in order to form a full opinion.”

Enos said the business will start Oct. 1, and students can call the service at 330-310-7767.

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