Opinion: Balancing Social lives and college

Kara Taylor

Kara Taylor

Kara Taylor is a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

During college we all experience some type of dating, but is it beneficial to date while in college? Whether you are dating someone within or outside of Kent State, balancing of the two lifestyles can prove to be quite difficult. In other instances it has been successful. It depends on how you approach the situation.

We all strive to have healthy academic and social lives. We want friends, healthy relationships and exceptional grades. Unfortunately we can’t always maintain it all. I have found when I’m striving to maintain it all I become quite stressed.

This school year I have become involved in more student organizations and my classes are more strenuous. The past few weeks I have found myself trying to be the best girlfriend, daughter, friend and student I can be. These are not impossible goals, but they tend to stretch you thin.

The dating scene of our generation is quite different than the generations before us. We have cell phones, internet and social media. Not to mention the ever growing pressures of obtaining a degree and a successful career. All of these factors can make dating quite difficult.

In the old days you met your husband or wife fairly young, married, made an honest living and had children. Over the years this concept has clearly became outdated. Maybe I am alone on this, but dating seemed a lot easier and simpler back then.

I am currently in the same relationship I acquired while in high school. Transitioning into college while being in a relationship was stressful at first, but I was able to find a happy medium between school, work and dating. I had to make it clear that my course work came first, and he understood. When we made plans to hang out, I would arrange to complete my work before we did, so I wasn’t giving up one for another.

If you are currently in a relationship while in college, it is very important to consider and fulfill your partner’s needs, but don’t forget to take care of your needs as well. For example, if you have an exam the next day and you need to study that evening, perhaps you shouldn’t go out on a date instead. Your partner should support and understand this decision.

If you are currently thinking about approaching the dating scene, take your time. Whether you are interested in someone or just contemplating on how to approach dating overall, remember to keep things light. You’re in a stage where things have not become too serious yet. Enjoy this and take your time making sure you choose someone who is great for you.