Brazilian students visit Kent State for multimedia storytelling projects

Sydney Baltrusaitis

Fourteen Brazilian students and their professor from Pontifical Catholic University of Parana came to Kent to work on multimedia storytelling projects throughout northeast Ohio last week.

PUCPR digital journalism professor Julius Nunes said the trip was a great learning experience for students.

“Some of the students that are here worked with Kent students when they went to Brazil and some of them are newer to this project,” Nunes said.

While here, the group visited a pumpkin patch, toured Channel 3 News, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and watched an Indians game at Progressive Field. PUCPR journalism major Leticia Duarte, 20, said there were new experiences each day.

“It is very exciting; every day is something really different that we don’t have in Brazil,” Duarte said.

Duarte and her partner reported two stories focused on American culture — college football and Harley Davidson.

Duarte said Kent State is very different in all aspects from their university in Brazil. She said Kent State is about 6 or 7 times bigger than their university.

PUCPR journalism major Caroline Stedile, 19, and her partner worked on a multimedia story about May 4 history.

“The host students are spending a lot of time helping us,” Stedile said. “It is not only our partners, it’s everyone.”

Last spring, the International Storytelling course took Kent State students to Brazil to work on multimedia storytelling projects of their own.

Senior public relations major Katie Shevlin is one of the students who went to Brazil and is now one of 10 to host students. Shevlin has been spending quality time with the PUCPR students and has helped her group get interviews for their stories.

“We are reciprocating what they did for us,” Shevlin said.

Stedile and her partner were able to get an interview with Dean Kahler, one of the people wounded during the May 4 anti-war protest in 1970 at Kent State.

Assistant journalism professor Mitch McKenney said the host students and guests were very busy during the week to get the materials for their stories before they had to leave.

“I have been surprised by how many really good interviews these students are getting,” McKenney said.

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