Deadline to withdraw from a class without ‘W’ Sunday

Photo by Lassana Kanneh.

Photo by Lassana Kanneh.

Lassana Kanneh

The deadline to withdraw from Fall 2013 full-term classes without receiving a “W” is Sun., Sept. 8.

“If the section is not scheduled as a full-term course, then the dates could be different,” said Lynette Johnson, associate university register in the University Registrar Office. “What we tell students is if they go to their principal student schedule or if you go back into Flashline to the Add/Drop page, there is information on the processing deadlines. And that will tell you the last day to add, the last day to drop, the last day to withdraw.”

Students should consult with their academic advisor, the Student Financial Aid Office or the University Bursar’s Office before dropping a class to see how it affects your future schedules, such as current and future financial aid and loans or scholarship eligibility, Johnson said.

Students who withdraw from class after the Sept. 8 deadline will receive a “W” on their academic transcript, but it doesn’t count against earned credit hours or affect GPA, she said.

Johnson said if students decide to stay in their classes, they should keep up with the academic schedule, use campus resources, visit the Academic Student Center for tutoring or meet with an academic advisor for additional help.

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