Getting change to change lives

Freshmen fashion merchandising major Regina Dlwgosh and zoology major Megan Dunlap stand with signs near the UNICEF stand that has been posted on campus for several days, raising funds for efforts toward children’s well being in Syria. Photo by Carolyn Pippin.

Carolyn Pippin

Coins and dollar bills littered the ground to represent a mile of change that the UNICEF KSU can make.

UNICEF KSU urged people to give money to change lives, lining up along the Esplanade outside of Bowman Hall from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. The organization is raising money for the refugees in Syria.

The group placed the spare change on top of long pieces of tape so that people can see how much money has been donated and the impact that they’re making.

“It doesn’t take a lot of planning, just a couple rolls of tape and signs. People love to give their spare change. That same spare change can be saving a child’s life,” volunteer Bryant Rogers, senior English major, said.

UNICEF KSU’s goal was to raise $1,000.

“We raised $300 just in cash yesterday. We didn’t even count the change,” Rogers said. “I think we’re going to reach that goal. Some woman just walked up to me today and handed me a 50.”

All of the money will go to the Syrian refugee crisis. Rogers said UNICEF buys water, food and clothing and brings it to the refugee camps. As the camps become more crowded, it creates famine and malnutrition.

“We’re trying to raise more money for that especially for winter…Kids are on the streets…there are no blankets or coats…That’s what all the money goes for,” he said.

The organization did the Mile of Change last semester for the same conflict in Syria and raised enough money that they wanted to do it again, Rogers said.

“We all worked to plan it,” Rogers said. “We’ve gotten a lot of new volunteers, even a lot of freshmen that have been out here helping us.”

“I just started about two weeks ago. I actually love it. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Brenea Gordon, sophomore communication studies major, said.

Gordon said it’s inspired her and makes her feel “happy” about the university.

“It’s really nice to see people donating, and we’ve had professors give 20 and 50 dollars just because they’re parents,” she said.

UNICEF KSU said it will most likely do the Mile of Change next semester to try to raise more change for change.

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