Shanksville memorial shines light on victims of 9/11 plane crash

DKS Photographers

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. — The monument wrapped around the top of a tall hill, hacked from the greenery that blankets southwestern Pennsylvania. Tiny lanterns carried by the relatives of the dead led bystanders to a wall of names.

The Flight 93 Monument, recently taken over and operated by the National Park Service in this farming community of 250, had a solemn service Tuesday, the night before 9/11.

Americans from as far away as Wisconsin or Arkansas joined in singing patriotic songs. Family members somberly marched down the path to the wall of names, sobbing silently and leaning against the granite paneling engraved with the names of the dead.

As the sun set, overhead lights popped on and illuminated the path back to the parking lot and into the countryside.

Stater photographers are in Shanksville for the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They will be attending a memorial service and interviewing the community. Follow KentWired on Twitter and Instagram for updates.