Solo-actor tackles student debt in play “For Profit” Sept. 4

Jimmy Miller

Solo-actor and playwright Aaron Calafato said he found his actions as an employee for the admissions office in an unnamed college “ironic” and “wrong.”

“American students are exploited by not getting fair and [reasonably priced] education,” Calafato said.

Calafato said he once had student debt to pay off from his college education, and found a job to help ease that burden in an admissions office. Upon a few months of work, he realized that he was turning students into debtors, all for his own finances.

For this reason, he decided to create the play, “For Proft,” which will be shown in the KIVA Center Sept. 4, free of charge and open to the public.

Calafato said he was able to take his skill of writing plays regarding social issues and transform it into a means of spreading his message: the value of high education is there, but students must find a way to find solutions regarding the accessibility.

“How are [universities] treating students?” Calafato asked. “Why aren’t we making [education] more accessible to more people in the country?”

Calafato describes the play as a “solo portrayal of the exploitation of the American college student and the one trillion dollar student debt crisis.”

The production begins at 7 p.m., and as Calafato notes on his official Facebook page, “Unlike college, it’s free.”

“[I want the show to] continue to bring specific awareness to the issue and build bridges to solutions,” Calafato said. “Whatever action awareness leads to, I’m all for it.”

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