Our view: I’m Shmacked is a façade

DKS Editors

Growing Internet sensation I’m Shmacked came to Kent on Thursday to instigate and film a college party.

The documentary duo calls itself an entertainment platform that is synchronizing the world of college. Essentially, it travels to college campuses across the United States to document massive college parties in brief college-gone-wild YouTube videos.

The videos are a montage of screaming students, sloshing beer and occasionally breaking property with some school spirit and swag sprinkled in. Its series has gained popularity on the Internet, with some high school students saying it is a contributing factor in their college decisions.

A tweet appeared on the I’m Shmacked Twitter account Wednesday: “But anyways…Kent State is about to go hammm tomorrow!!!”

But was it? Was Kent State really going to “go hammm” on a random Thursday night in the middle of fall? Perhaps if this was College Fest, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day, the wild partying would be rampant.

On its Facebook page, I’m Shmacked emphasizes that no alcohol or illegal substance is used during the filming, just prop.

Kent State students are putting on a show — essentially a fake party. For what purpose? To show future employers that we can bong a beer in less than four seconds? To show future Kent State students that we know how to put on a fake rager?

If you want to be on YouTube badly enough to pay more than $20 to enter a fake party, why not try your webcam and the upload button — for free!

Ultimately, what happens for these cameras is not Kent State. It’s not who we are as a school. Do we feel the need to put on a show for cameras, or is this just an excuse to party? It’s pathetic, posed and pointless. I hope your pounding head and now-public drunk antics are worth it.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.