Opinion: What can a healthier China give the world

Haoran Li

Haoran Li

Haoran Li is a sophomore communication studies major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. He can be reached at [email protected].

China’s new Premier Li Keqiang participated in The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a few days ago. He emphasized that his new government will motivate the market, adjust the structure of the economy, and the method of developing.

“First of all, China is a big country with 1.3 billion people which has not finished industrialization and urbanization,” Keqiang said. “It still has huge capacity in the future. It will develop from east to west gradually.”

China still has many obstacles within the world political system. Reform, however, will still create a large bonus of development in the future. Lastly, China’s economy is still in an unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable state.

All of these problems lead to transformation, as the Chinese government has to face these problems and solve them so they can maintain their achievements in the coming years.

Since 1978, the Chinese government has decided to embrace the world. This has been the most peaceful and prosperous period of time in the past 150 years of China’s history. Just as what Keqiang said, China is on the way to modernization, but with a large amount of problems.

The Chinese government has changed. What can a wealthy China contribute to the world?

Although China has already become the second largest economy, China still falls behind Japan in many cases, according to the opinion of the Chinese people. Chinese engineering is not as good as its Japanese counterpart in areas such as car production.

According to the CIA, China’s Gross Domestic Product was $8.2 trillion compared Japan’s GDP of $5.9 trillion. China has a big gap between poor and rich as well. The average annual income in the second richest city, Shanghai, is 2.35 times that ofthe average annual income in the one of the poorest provinces, Gansu, according to a Peking University study.

Some think that China’s development may threaten the economy of America, Japan and other developed countries. However, some of those critics just need to think about if China exports their poor, hunger, disease, etc., then will it do good to the world? If the Chinese government reforms fail, or if civil war happens again, it will not only affect China but also other Asian countries, as well as America. In most cases, China’s development is not only good for the Chinese people, but also for the world, especially for America and Japan, which can benefit from it. Some of those critics should expel their black and white thinking similar to the American propaganda in the Cold War. It was lucky that the fall of the Soviet Union had a transition that went so smoothly.

Chinese government has changed itself before and is changing itself now. Chinese government needs time not chaos. A wealthy China could contribute to the world’s problems of poverty, hunger and disease.