Student rear ended at Haymaker and Depeyster intersection

Tareq Mohammed, senior chemistry major, speaks with a Kent Police officer about a two-car traffic collision on the corner of S. Depeyster and Haymaker Parkway on Wed. afternoon. No one was seriously injured. Photo by Jacob Byk

Bruce Walton

A student rear-ended another vehicle early Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Haymaker Parkway and Depeyster.

Both student drivers were virtually unharmed and walked away from the accident with no major injuries.

Tareq Mohammed, a senior chemistry major, drove the offending vehicle with two other passengers in the car, including an infant.

“I was very close to the car [in front of me] and looking for the GPS and wasn’t paying attention to what happened,” Mohammed said. “And suddenly she stopped and I rear-ended her.”

Officials towed both sedans off the street and law enforcement assessed the situation and spoke to both drivers. Officials could not be reached for comment around the time of the accident.

The offending vehicle incurred the most damages with a shattered windshield, a bent hood, two busted headlights, a broken grill and a broken front bumper.

The offended vehicle lost its rear bumper.

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