Kent State Alumnus Led Students to Uganda.

Erin Adcock

Ryan Rohrer, a 2009 graduate of Kent State, led eight students to Uganda for a Global Tourism class from May 20 through June 7.

“The thing with tourism is that you don’t really know what you’re getting until you get there,” Rohrer said. “Part of being in global tourism is being able to throw away the negative images and see a place for what it really is.”

As a student, Rohrer went on the first trip to Uganda in 2007 and said his biggest learning experience was seeing how the locals lived.

“Being able to see a developing country and seeing people who can’t go to a grocery store down the road is an eye opener,” Rohrer said.

“The Ugandans taught me the importance of working together, and caring for others before yourself,” said Rebecca Schmaltz, senior parks and recreation major. “I have never been anywhere else in the world where people are as friendly and grateful as those in Uganda.”

Junior zoology major Savannah Justus said going to the national parks was a good learning experience.

“The National Park tours really related to my major because I got to see so much wildlife diversity,” Justus said. “Tracking gorillas was also a great zoological experience because I got to watch and learn about them up close.”

Rohrer is planning another trip to Uganda next year open to all students.

“We had a variety of majors,” Rohrer said. “It can be a great learning experience for anyone, not just tourism students.”

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