Documentary on addiction recovery premieres in Kent Wednesday night

Brandon Koziol

A Kent Police Dispatcher will be the first in Northeast Ohio to premiere a documentary that addresses addiction and recovery Wednesday night at the Kent Plaza Theater.

“The movie says addiction is a dark black plague, and two-thirds of American families have been affected by drug addiction,” said Kelli Myers, the dispatcher who coordinated the premiere. “It’s time people stand up and say, ‘yes we are in recovery; no we don’t have to be ashamed of it.’”

The documentary she will premiere is “The Anonymous People,” which spotlights a key statistic: there are more than 20 million Americans living with alcohol and other drug-related addictions, according to the film’s website. The film focuses on the fact that people have been ashamed and not always forthcoming about addiction, Myers explained.

“I think it [this film] would urge people to get the help they need and not be ashamed of something that so many other Americans are dealing with,” she said. “You’re going to hear from different people and their feelings on treatment and recovery.”

Before and after the premiere, Myers has arranged to have multiple speakers, including representations from local rehab facilities, the Kent Police Department and Town Hall II Kent.

“If there are people who are looking for answers, or a place to start, they will be there to help them find resources,” Myers said.

The premiere will start at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door or online at She pointed out, however, 87 are sold and there’s only 13 tickets left to purchase.

“This issue is important for every county; drug addiction is on the rise and it’s everywhere,” Myers said. “I want to help the people in my community.”

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