Students use mobile apps to keep fit during the summer

India Hines

Summer is here and if you are not beach ready, don’t fear. Your start to the perfect beach body is one download away.

There are more than a thousand apps to help track nutrition, cardio and weight training to help anybody from beginners to the experts in the digital world of health and fitness.

Benjamin Cope, recreation program coordinator at Student Recreation and Wellness Center, has an idea of why people find these apps useful.

“It’s the personal trainer in the palm of your hands,” he said.

One of the apps Cope recommends is MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal has tracking for major nutrients, a 2,000-item food database to calculate calories from various restaurants, and a free barcode scanner.

Download these apps

My Fitness Pal

“It keeps me fit, and they have specific food available on the app, so it’s nice to see how many calories things really are,” said Amanda Huth, incoming freshmen exploratory major.

The app not only has food tracking, but has more than 350 exercises ranging from strength building to cardio. It also lets the user customize exercises. The app is free and is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Some fitness apps focus on one thing, such as cardio or nutrition. The iTreadmill app focuses on cardio and is the digital answer to the pedometer.

“[iTreadmill] allows you to put in your purse and backpack. That is something that you could not do with the traditional pedometer,” Cope said.

It records step count, calories burned and current speed. Its also lets the user see average speed and alerts them when they are not close to their target goal. The app is only $1.99 and is available on iPhone and iPad.

Ashlyne Wilson, sophomore news major, prefers The Daily Butt Workout app. The Daily Butt Workout app is a five to 10 minute daily leg and butt routine. It provides lower body exercises that can be done at home instead of using equipment at a gym.

“It really helps me tone the areas I think are most needed,” Wilson said.

The app is free and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Another specialized app is the Look Better Naked app. Look Better Naked is six-week app that combines diet and strength training. It gives the user emails for reminders and progression reports. It costs $1.99 on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Cope calls Fitness Builder “the mother of all fitness apps.” Fitness Builder has more than 2,000 images and videos of exercise instructions. Users also have the ability to ask a physiologist questions about exercise. The app also gives the option of a $5 upgrade to access more information. The app is $10.00 and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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