Winter trends: Staying warm and stylish this season


Kayla Polansky, a sophomore public relations major and fashion media minor at Kent State. Courtesy of Kayla Polansky.

Zach Zdanowicz Reporter

Ohioans are no strangers to the seasons feeling like they change every other day. Now, as we head toward the end of December, closets will change from light flannels and denim shorts to cardigans and snow-proof jackets.

“My go-to snowy day outfit is a turtleneck layered with a graphic tee, black ‘mom’ jeans and a heavy flannel. Then I always wear a winter beanie and my black Doc Martens,” Kayla Polansky, sophomore public relations major and fashion media minor, said. “Bomber jackets and animal print, especially cheetah, are some trends I’ve been noticing this season.”

Layering is a staple winter fashion trend, and one that will never go out of style, according to Upscale Living. Whether this be hoodies with a denim jacket or a sweater dressed in a cardigan, layering is a winter trend that is here to stay that gives you the freedom to experiment.

Dressing in layers “adds some dimension and is a great opportunity to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures to achieve those put-together, Instagram-worthy looks,” according to PopSugar.

“I would recommend shopping for your winter clothes at Urban Outfitters and H&M,” Polansky said. “They always have a wide collection of clothing with plenty of patterns that can create a lot of cool outfits.”

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