Biological Science Fair will be held monday

Erin England

Biological Sciences students will get the chance to learn about the careers in their field Monday at the Biological Sciences Information Fair.

The fair will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Kent State Student Center Ballroom Balcony.

Academic adviser Karl Macura said he hopes this opportunity will give students the chance to learn about what happens when they graduate.

“I think a lot of students understand the roadmap and their major sheets but they don’t understand what happens after,” Macura said. “So what ends up happening is they graduate and they have the degree in hand and then they say, ‘Well, now what?’”

According to Macura, around 16 different professionals from the Biological Sciences field, including professionals from Cleveland Metroparks, NEOMED and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, will be at the fair to answer that question for students.

Gail Kovach-Spalsbury, academic adviser, said that the School of Biological Sciences conducted a survey asking students whether they would find this type of event useful and around 60 percent responded that they would.

“They want to know more about what is out there, what’s available, what kind of job should they be considering with their major,” Kovach-Spalsbury said.

This is the first event of its kind for the department, but Kovach-Spalsbury and Macura both hope that it continues.

“We’re excited. This is something that we’ve all thought about. The survey just kind of reinforced what we knew, that the students really needed this information,” Kovach-Spalsbury said. “The people who are going to be participants, they’re excited. So it’s really just contagious, the energy that’s going on here.”

Erin England is a College of Arts and Sciences reporter for The Daily Kent Stater. Contact Erin England at [email protected].