Throw-N-Go gives students opportunity to give back

Heather Kunkle

As the school year winds down, students have items they don’t need. For those in this situation, Kent State offers a program for students to get rid of the unused items.

Throw-N-Go is a donation program where students can donate items that they no longer need or want to needy families.

“This program allows students the chance to get rid of their extra stuff to help those less fortunate,” said Matthew Musgrave, residence hall director.

Throw-N-Go collection bins were placed in the residence halls during spring break. Students are able to donate until May 10, when the residence halls close for summer.

Donation bins have been placed in the lobby of their residence halls, and food donation bins are located in Rosie’s, Eastway and Munchies Market in Prentice. Donations can include any sort of non-perishable food items, clothing, appliances and furniture.

“There are areas right next to the collection bins for the bigger items such a futons, chairs and anything else,” Musgrave said.

All donations will be taken to Portage Family and Community Services and will be given to families in need.

James Hojnowski, senior integrated social studies major, thinks the Throw-N-Go program is very well thought out program for campus. He said it is a good way for students to recycle their goods rather than just throw them away and let them go to waste.

“There are people in need of food, clothing and furniture, “ Hojnowski said. “Those in need in Portage County will be able to use these in their everyday lives, and they won’t have to pay for something they need.”

The program was started 10 years ago. Musgrave said in past years anywhere from 75,000-95,000 pounds has been collected. He is hoping to collect more than 100,000 pounds of donated goods.

Jenny Mitchkash, junior middle childhood education major, said she has participated in the program already by donating canned goods. She said it is a great community builder in the halls and a good way for people to get involved.

“Throw-N-Go is a good opportunity for you to be able to give back to the university and give back to other people,” Mitchkash said. “There are a lot of things throughout college that you have that you can be able to donate to other people to help benefit them. “

Ellen Turk, sophomore nursing major, said she didn’t know about the Throw-N-Go program, but thinks it is a great way for her to get rid of things that she won’t need at the end of the year before returning home for the summer.

“This program is awesome,” Turk said. “It helps a lot of people that I might never meet, [and] I feel really good about doing it.”

Musgrave said housekeeping and university officials noticed, over the years, students were throwing away items that were in good condition because they simply didn’t have the room to take it home.

“Throwing it away doesn’t do anyone any good,” Musgrave said. “Giving clothes and items to Throw-N- Go is a way for the student to feel better about themselves and that they did a good deed.”

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