Faculty parking permit price to increase in June

Arielle Campanalie

The price for faculty and staff parking permits at Kent State’s main campus will increase from $12 to $12.50 per month as of June 1.

Larry Emling, manager of parking services, said the price increase will be used to help pay for parking lot maintenance.

“This is the first increase in about three years,” Emling said. “When we plan for increases, we try to do it in small increments when the time is right.”

Emling said the parking permit rate increase was part of the contracts of Kent State’s faculty and staff unions, American Association of University Professors and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Emling said the contracts were approved three years ago.

“This isn’t necessarily a surprise,” Emling said. “It was something that was negotiated for two thirds of the faculty and staff on campus.”

Emling said the staff and faculty parking lots are designated as R-lots and there are about 20 R-lots around Kent’s main campus. He said parking permit costs tend to increase each year.

“The increase is pretty small when you look at it in comparison,” Emling said. “It’s only $6 more a year.”

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