Opinion: Spring is in the air



Shawn Mercer

Shawn Mercer

Shawn Mercer is a sophomore integrated life sciences major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact Shawn Mercer at [email protected].

It is that time of year again. The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. The trees begin to burst with green and all is right in the world. It is spring.

The shorts come out, and the parka is placed in storage. We shed the chains of deep winter depression, and we gain a new lease on life. Every morning, we watch the weatherman read the leaves from his morning cup of tea. Rain or shine, we face the day with the knowledge that every spring day is a great day. Spring is official, and we have quite the way of showing it.

The tanning begins. The moment the temperature rises to 40 F, we call public decency laws into question as the grass becomes covered with people trying to shed their sickly winter pastiness and don a distinctive orange glow. Even an Oompa Loompa would be proud of the dedication.

The Esplanade begins to fill with cyclists and skateboarders. As they speed past, they present us with all the fun of going to class, along with the creativity of inventing our own traffic laws.

The majestic and beautiful Canadian goose will return from its winter home in Fort Lauderdale to nest by the most mundane of puddles. Every morning as we walk past, he will squawk hello and remind us of the boundaries of his territory, so that we are saved the inconvenience of asking.

A hoard of joggers will don short shorts, in hopes of proving you can never show too much man-thigh. They huff and puff past us with a sense of accomplishment, as the walkers shuffle along, wasting their life away.

Underneath a blossoming tree, we will walk past those trying to transcend reality meditating in the warmth of the sun, absorbing the life energy of the mighty tree. Perhaps the right combination of patchwork cloth, bare feet and flowers will help us all reach nirvana.

Along with spring comes the rain, and the opportunity to be as green as it gets. Walking out and dancing in Mother Nature’s own shower is the best way to conserve energy, save water and save the planet itself.

The stately black squirrels begin courting their lovers. They marry on the eve of the summer solstice and commit their lives to raising their families in reverence of their deity, Lester Lefton.

With spring comes the hope of things to come. The mosquitoes begin to come forth from the still water as fairies spring from a fount. The grass begins to grow and beckons the sweet melodious hum of a John Deere. Easter brings a backyard scavenger hunt in search of the surprises left by our furry, four-legged friends. The magic is as palpable as the rising humidity.