Kent City Schools put operating levy on the May ballot

Kent city school district is reaching out to its community for help. The district is looking to pass an eight point nine mill levy on May 7th. This is the first time in seven years that the district has asked the voters to pass an operating levy. Kent School Board Treasurer Debbie Krutz told TV2 Reporter Monique Zappa that the district has many plans if the levy passes.

“First is to maintain our excellent classroom instruction, restore some of our supply and equipment budgets, and add back in a library media position that was cut a few years ago, says Krutz. “Second we want to maintain transportation for all of our students and third we’d like to maintain and restore our technology budgets that were frozen this past year. Finally we want to invest even more in safety and security resources for our schools.”

To break down what home owners in the city of Kent would pay,

a valued house at $100,000 for tax purposes would pay $272.56 a year. That equals less than $23 a month.

If the levy fails, the district wil consider not filling retiree positions after summer. It will also go back on the ballot in November.


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