KSU student in Brazil encourages others to study abroad

Candace Monacelli


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20 KSU students said goodbye to the United States and headed to Curitiba, Brazil this past weekend.

Today is their fourth day there.

Although the College of Communication students do get some free time to explore the country, they’re there as part of a class called International Storytelling. The class took students to Shanghai, China and Delhi, India in previous years.

One student in Brazil for the class is Senior Glenn Bolich. Brazil is now the 13th country he has visited, and he says he plans to continue to travel.

Bolich gives his perspective on the university’s study abroad growth.

Along with the other students on the Brazil trip, Bolich comes home March 31st.

TV2 will bring you extensive coverage of the students’ trip in a special program set to air at the end of April.

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