College Fest 2013 canceled after warnings

Jasen Sokol


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College Fest is the infamous block party that made national headlines last year.

The SWAT team responded to East College Avenue when the crowd of more than 3,000 turned unruly.

Officers used tear gas and rubber bullets on the rioting crowd as the party-goers threw bottles into the street and at the officers.

Police made more than 30 arrests and managed to shut down the party by approximately 6 p.m.

But, the riots didn’t start last year. Police broke up a crowd of more than 400 students for setting couches ablaze at the 2009 College Fest.

This year, Kent State and the City of Kent are letting residents of College Avenue know that the penalties for out-of-hand College Fest parties will be severe. It appears that at least some residents are heeding their warning.

One rumor from the event’s Facebook page that may not be true is that power will be cut to homes on College Avenue during College Fest so they can’t play music. Lt. Jim Prusha says it is unlikely that would happen, and it may not even be legal.

NOTE: This event has no formal affiliation with the university.

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