News on the Go: March 6, 2013

Maura Zurick

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died from cancer Tuesday in Caracas. Chavez was a socialist president for more than 14 years and had cancer for the final two years of his leadership. Vice President Nicolas Maduro will take over Chavez’s political movement. Maduro faces many challenges, such as rallying support, uniting a divided country and maintaining unity in his own party.

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The YouTube fad of the “Harlem Shake” is becoming popular all over the world, but in Tunisia, the videos are adding to the rivalry between the secularists and Islamists in the African nation. Videos posted by Tunisian students caused violent backlash from conservative Muslims.

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North Korea conducted its most recent nuclear test Tuesday and the United States, backed by China, drafted a resolution to “punish” North Korea. New sanctions in the resolution are aimed at reining in Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program and preventing their export to other nations. In response, Pyongyang threatened to cancel the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War.

A late winter storm with at least 10 inches of snow is set to hit Chicago, and officials said Tuesday that they are preparing for the storm to avoid a repeat of a storm that hit two years ago. The past storm stranded people in cars and buses on the city’s marquee during a blizzard. Tuesday’s storm is part of a system that started in Montana; Monday it hit the Dakotas and Minnesota. The storm swept through Wisconsin and Illinois and is expected to reach Washington D.C.

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