College Democrats train students to petition for a cause

Matt Lofgren

Students and members of the Kent State College Democrats met Thursday night to train students how to properly petition for a proposed amendment to allow equal marriage in Ohio.

Led by President Jake Green of the College Democrats, members were on hand to learn how to legally go about getting signatures for a cause. Needing 385,000 signatures in the state, Green said, as a group, they are doing all that they can to “[acquire] a very significant portion of that.”

Green said several legalities are present when filling out petitions.

“There are a lot of very tricky things related to the way you fill out petitions,” Green said. “We wanted to do a presentation to easily explain the process.”

Members of the College Democrats will now go around campus with the intent of getting as many signatures as possible.

During last year’s presidential campaign, the College Democrats went around and registered 3,000 students to vote. Green said the plan for this petition is to acquire more signatures for their cause.

“We know that there are 26,000 plus on this campus, and we know that this campus believes marriage should be a matter of love, not a matter gender,” Green said. “We know that we will be able to get an absolutely huge number of signatures on such a large campus.”

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