Real Talk dialogue continues with LGBTQ minority discussion

Kelsey Leyva

The Kent State University Student Multicultural Center will continue its Real Talk conversation series with “Being a Multiple Minority in the LGBTQ Community” at 4 p.m. Wednesday in Room 206 of the Kent Student Center.

The Real Talk dialogue series is a student-focused program to prepare students for “real life” situations, experiences and perspectives. This installment will focus on individuals who classify as a minority and are also a member of the LGBTQ community.

Trinidy Jeter, program coordinator of the Student Multicultural Center, has played an active role in the planning of this series.

“We wanted to highlight the experience of students or people who identify as LGBTQ, but are also considered to be within other societal minority groups,” she said. “A lot of diverse groups have been attending. People have been responding to us in such a positive way.”

For more information, contact Jeter at 330-672-8571 or [email protected].

Contact Kelsey Leyva at [email protected].